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Smart storage solution for hallways

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Select width of your room in the drop down, there you will see the number of modules you can choose for your application.

where you can select your beams

You must measure the width in between two opposite walls. 

Based on the width of the room, you can see which of the four different beams you are using and how many modules you can place on them. Your room must be at least 94 cm and a maximum of 214 cm wide to use BEAM-IT-UP standard solution.  If your room is wider than 214 cm - please call the office for a quotation. To install BEAM-IT-UP you must have minimum 33 cm above the door frame. That is the room BEAM-IT-UP take in will with normal door mean that you need a ceiling height of at least 230 cm or more precise 33 cm above the door.

Yes, you can mount it yourselves. It is a real DIY project for handy men and women. Just view the installation video or follow the installation manual. 

When mounting the wall rail, the wall material must be considered. 
Is it stone, concrete, wood or lightweight walls? 
For lightweight wall like dry wall, plaster walls or wood walls thinner than 30 mm you will need the raw plugs Fischer Duotec – therefore it is important to select your wall type – then you will receive the correct raw plugs with your order. The correct screws for the wall mounting (PH 6 x 60 mm torx) will also be included in the package.
For stone, (gas) concrete or wood thicker than 30 mm you need more basic raw plugs but we have prepared them for you in the package. 

All you need is a drill, a spirit level and a screwdriver. The Fischer high quality plugs and screws you need for the installation are included in the construction base kit when you buy in our web shop.

Yes, we are happy to advise you by telephone which module and sets can be combined.

Contact us here TEL. 01376528000

Yes, you can take your BEAM-IT-UP with you when you move and when you take it down - then take your time and do it carefully to avoid scratches.

Is there such thing as a minimum measurement? No - the BEAM-IT-UP standard solution is between 94 and 214 cm width of room. So if your room is below 94 cm or wider than  214 cm please call the office an we will make a quotation for you. There is no maximum length – the wall rail can install several rails after each other. 

The storage box and the shoe box can carry 20 kg each, the storage net can carry 25 kg and the storage shelves can carry 40 kg. Only when you have a BEAM-IT-UP system with the longest BEAM 214 on plaster walls the weight load is 30 kg on the storage shelf. The storage net and storage boxes are the same. The BEAM-IT-UP storage system is validated by BIIR engineering and the max load per beam is 150 kg. 

BIIR certification Max load 150 kg per BEAM evenly distributed. (3x 50 kg)

verification for BEAM-IT-UP

Take a good look at this installation video (link)

No, the BEAM-IT-UP is not tested as a high bed, so we cannot recommend it for sleeping.

Yes, BEAM-IT-UP is modular and can be extended endless.

The shoe storage and storage box organizer are coming down from above to give you storage in a comfortable height when you are more than 160 cm high. People and children below 160 cm cannot work the system without a stool or a small ladder. *Being 160 cm, you need to mount the BEAM-IT-UP in a height of 210 cm to have a normal operation of the BEAM-IT-UP without a stool.

The BEAM-IT-UP is designed by Scandinavians designers C.F. Møllers and that is shown in the clean and simple lines. The storage modules are white, and the beautiful beams and rails are in aluminium, so a very nice combination of white and aluminium.

Yes the BEAM-IT-UP has normal warranty of 2 years.

We are very proud to present our designers. Together with DOLLE’s Research and Development department CF Møller Design has designed and invented this outstanding innovative storage system BEAM-IT-UP.

BEAM-IT-UP designed by C.F. Møller

The BEAM-IT-UP is designed by C.F. Møller Design to optimize space in smaller places. More people are moving to urban areas and this is a great reason to start thinking in cubic meters and getting the most out of one's available living space. It requires creative thinking when larger items winter clothing and shoes need to be stored away. C.F. Møller took this challenge up together with DOLLE and created this BEAM-IT-UP to make better use of living space. 


ceiling storage system for small hallwayideas for BEAM-IT-UPstorage system for your home

BEAM-IT-UP designed by C.F. Møller

C.F. Møller Design is an integral part of C.F. Møller Architects, one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms. C.F. Møller Design cooperates with Danish and international companies on the design and development of innovative and meaningful products for houses, their surroundings and life within them. C.F. Møller Design builds on Scandinavian design traditions and is guided by a simple and distinct expression with focus on function, aesthetics and communication. We approach every assignment with an open mind and focus on creating useful and original designs with enduring qualities. C.F. Møller Design is responsible for a wide range of interiors, furnishings, building components and products.

Smoke detectors installed above the BEAM-IT-UP system should be installed in a manner that does not impact its function or effectiveness. This could be achieved by leaving the area below the smoke detector open. If this is not feasible, the smoke detector should be relocated to a location outside of the BIU system. Please follow the mounting instruction on your smoke alarm.

No fire exits should be blocked after the BEMA-IT-UP system is installed. Please follow any direction on fire exits and the surrounding area.

Sometimes installation of BEAM -IT-UP can include the establishment of new lighting. i.e wall lights. 

Here we have some examples of how to solve lighting. 

Below there is lighting in the ceiling that gives a good overall illumination. In addition, there are some less powerful wall lights plus a table lamp to provide ambient lighting. Also, the space at the sides let light through.

BEAM -IT-UP can include the establishment of new lighting 

In general, there is often room for adequate lightning in the ceiling – like here where the lamp is mounted in the loft and not hanging down.

you can solve the lighting in the ceiling

Here in the middle of the hallway we have sufficient lighting in the ceiling. In addition, there are wall lights and mirror lighting that have been added giving atmosphere. Only the imagination will stop you.

beam it up with sufficient lighting in the ceiling

In this BEAM-IT-UP ladder installation light can come down through the access opening.

storage system with ladder installation


Lamps hanging down through the open structure at the sides is also an option.

nice lighting at Beam it up smart storage system 

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