Fitting BEAM-IT-UP in your home

See how BEAM-IT-UP® fit into different ceiling heights

Fits easily into every ceiling height. High ceiling is handled with the operating pole or a stool - have a look at the comfort zones in different heights

The shoe storage and storage box organizer are coming down from above to give you storage in a comfortable height when you are more than 160 cm high. People below 160 cm cannot work the system without a stool or the operating pole.

*Being 160 cm, you need to mount the BEAM-IT-UP® in a height of 210 cm to have a normal operation of the BEAM-IT-UP® without a stool or operating pole.

Room size

Room dimensions

Length:From 130 cm
Width:From 94 - 214 cm
Height:From 233 cm

Different room size?

If you have different room size - smaller width than 94 cm or wider than 214 cm - please call the office and we can make a special offer for you.

Tel. 01376 528000

BEAM-IT-UP width

BEAM-IT-UP width

1 module:Between 94 - 124 cm
2 modules:Between 124 - 184 cm
3 modulesBetween 184 - 214 cm

How to fit BEAM-IT-UP in your home

The BEAM-IT-UP® standard solution is between 94 and 214 cm width of room. The beams are telescopically expandable. If your room is below 94 cm or wider than 214 cm please call the office an we will make a quotation for you.

BEAM-IT-UP length

BEAM-IT-UP length

1 module:130 cm
2 modules:260 cm
3 modules390 cm

Create space in your home

There is no maximum length – the wall rail can install several rails after each other.