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Looking for a high-quality galvanised steel staircase? DOLLE GARDENTOP straight flight staircase could be ideal for you. Built for safety with its sturdy construction and fully galvanised to withstand outdoor use. Choose below tread size and colour!

Product Properties

Straight flight
Tread material
Trimax: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Structure finish
Hot galvanized according to EN ISO 1461:2009

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We supply the staircase with all the components you will need for the height of staircase that matches you specification. Complete with steel side panels, robust, hardwearing composite treads and step reinforcements. We also supply a ground centre pole for higher tread applications. Although the staircase is hard wearing it still comes with clean, pure lines.

GARDENTOP is ideal for outdoor use, from your home to the garden? from a balcony to the ground floor? from your decking or patio to the lawn? in many ways this outdoor staircase can connect floors and levels of your outdoor living space while still be stylish in design. Part of this design means you have a staircase with hidden fixings and choose the colour of tread that suits your design.


As the staircase is made for the outdoors, we must ensure the raw materials used to manufacture the GARDENTOP are fully weather resistant, and that the use of the stairs is safe even in wet conditions. With this in mind all the components are hot-dip galvanised steel this includes the side panels and stringers and perforated sheets. The treads are non-slip for safe access and egress..

You have several options to choose from. Firstly, measure the floor-to-floor height? This is a straight measure not angled. To give you an idea on how adaptable the GARDENTOP staircase its starts from a 2 tread with a height of 36 - 44 cm and goes up to 12 treads with a height 216-264 cm. From this you can decide how many treads will suit your application. You also have the option of two widths of tread, we offer 80cm or 100cm. Finally choose the colour of your tread! Two to choose from, dark brown or anthracite grey.

The GARDENTOP staircase is available in the following heights:

2 treads: 36 – 44 cm

3 treads: 54 – 66 cm

4 treads: 72 – 88 cm

5 treads: 90 – 110 cm

6 treads: 108 – 132 cm

7 treads: 126 – 154 cm

8 treads: 144 – 176 cm

9 treads: 162 – 198 cm

10 treads: 180 – 220 cm

11 treads: 198 – 242 cm

12 treads: 216 – 264 cm

In the drop-down menu you can select whether you want the staircase without a banister or with a banister on 1 side. If you wish to have a handrail both sides of the staircase you can buy the handrail banister separately The handrail banister is strong and stylish made of 40mm aluminium and the vertical balusters are 25mm hot-dip galvanised steel. The balusters are easy to mount on the stringer sections of each tread.

Please be advised the one handrail banister is suitable for 6 treads, if your staircase has more than 6 treads you will need to buy 2 and cut to size, you will have everything you need to join the handrails seamlessly. You can also purchase the handrail after you have installed the main staircase.


To ensure we supply the highest quality product we manufacture to specific standards. The GARDENTOP is tested with a total load of up to 700 kg and a maximum point load of 200 kg. Complies with current European building standards EN1991 and EN1993.


  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Safe anti-slip treads in composite
  • Elegant design in clean, pure lines
  • Available with or without handrail banister


Product number
'Please select a variant'
'Please select a variant'
Straight flight
Structure finish
Hot galvanized according to EN ISO 1461:2009
Tread rise
From 18,0 to 22,0 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
Tread material
Trimax: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Tread thickness
40 mm
Tread depth
220 mm
Outdoor use
Maximum load
150 kg
Staircase definition
Secondary staircase
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