DOLLE UK LTD. gladly accept cancellations and returns within 30 days of the date you receive the item. Please fill out the RETURN FORM here on our website.



You are personally responsible for the return shipment and for the condition of the item after you receive it. If possible, return the item in the original packaging together with a copy of the order confirmation. The item must be returned within 30 days of the date on which the notice that you were exercising your right of cancellation was submitted to us.  When you exercise your right of cancellation, you will be refunded the sum you paid for the item. We will refund the sum as soon as possible, no later than 14 days after we receive the notice that you are exercising your right of cancellation. However, we may delay the refund until we have received the item or you have shown that it has been returned. Refunds will be based on the payment method used for your purchase, provided no other agreement is reached or another obstacle arises. 

Please note: We do not accept packages shipped COD. You cannot passively cancel the purchase. In other words, you cannot cancel by refusing to receive the item or by not picking it up. If you have returned an item, you will be informed by e-mail when we receive it. The e-mail will contain information about the continued processing of your cancellation or complaint. If you have any questions about your right of cancellation or ordinary return of items, contact our customer service representatives: Phone: 01376 528000



You are entitled to complain about an item you have purchased at in accordance with applicable sales law, which allows you to have a defective item repaired or replaced or, if this is not possible, a refund or discount. Potential errors or omissions in the item received must be reported within a reasonable period of time after having been identified. What constitutes a reasonable period of time is determined by the circumstances of the individual case. Complaints made within two months of the error having been discovered are considered to be within the stipulated time frame. In connection with complaints, contact our customer service representatives so we can agree on how the product is to be returned. You can reach our representatives at:

Phone: 01376 528000 or


If the product is defective and you are not at fault, we will reimburse you for your shipping costs to return the item, provided you and DOLLE UK have so agreed. Note that all return shipments must include a completed return & exchange form.



By purchasing special measure products, you acknowledge, upon order confirmation, that the product cannot be returned or cancelled. You also confirm that the provided measurements are accurate and cannot be altered after the confirmation of purchase. The same terms apply to additional purchases for special measure products.



When returning the item, describe the problem in as much detail as you can and, if possible, provide pictures. 

Please: We do not accept packages shipped COD or the like. Remember that the item must always be returned with sufficient packaging, and make sure to obtain a receipt so we can reimburse you for your shipping costs. 



If the item contains errors or omissions, DOLLE UK promises to resolve it within a reasonable period of time. If this is not possible, or if it is not deemed appropriate to repair the item, DOLLE UK  instead promises to deliver a flawless new item after the defective one has been received. DOLLE UK promises to reimburse you for any documented expenses you have incurred while returning the item.  If neither repair nor replacement is possible, the purchase sum will be refunded, including the documented expenses you have incurred while returning the item.


Limitation of liability 

DOLLE UK cannot be held liable for (i) indirect losses and damages, or (ii) consequential damages.



Consumer complaints may be sent to EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Follow this link for more instructions:


Disclaimers and reservations

DOLLE UK Ltd. is not liable for typological errors in prices and product descriptions, changes in VAT and fees, or delayed or incomplete deliveries due to force majeure events.


FORCE MAJEURE is not liable for extreme situations including war, strikes or natural disasters that make it impossible to perform the agreement.


Please fill out the RETURN FORM here on our website.


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