Spiral staircase DOLLE Calgary white, grey or anthracite


The DOLLE Calgary is available finished in grey or white complete with hard wearing beech laminate treads. Quite simply, this spiral staircase is the ideal solution for you to create space in your home with its stylish, minimalist design.

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Tread material
Multiplex wood with beech veneer

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The CALGARY staircase from DOLLE allows you to create space in your home. Ideal secondary staircase for access to raised floors, loft, and mezzanine spaces, it solves the problem of how you can safely access this vital space. The staircase comes in white, grey or anthracite complete with 11 treads plus substantial landing platform both finished in quality beech multiplex.

You have a choice of two widths, this is the actual diameter of the spiral staircase, you can have 120cm or 140cm. The landing platform can be installed directly onto the ceiling area and it’s also possible to adapt the platform to suit round ceiling openings. The CALGARY staircase provides great value for money but is both modern and stylish.


The DOLLE CALGARY can reach a maximum floor to floor height of 280cm but can be installed at lower heights in two ways, either using the spacer rings we supply to achieve a perfect height or simply remove treads. The lowest height can be 204cm. The spacer ring is used to fit between the treads so you can land the staircase exactly to your specification. For the staircase to be comfortable to climb you will need to have an opening of 130cm round or square for a 120cm staircase or 150cm round or square for a 140cm staircase.


You have the option to add extra components to your CALGARY spiral staircase to make it safer. You can close the gap between the banister by adding a middle banister pack, if you add two then the space in between will be less than 100mm which is a requirement for UK building regulations for a main staircase. You can also close the gap between the treads using our riser bar kit, this will make the staircase safer to climb and ensure you meet building regulation requirements for main stairs.


The pitch height can be adjusted with spacer rings from 20.4 to 23.4 cm depending on floor height. We advise you use as little spacers as possible as this will mean narrow gap between the treads, this will make your staircase more comfortable to climb.

If you want to know more about the specifications, you can visit technical data and downloads section to find out more. There is also a video section where you can view a full installation video, this shows the build process from start to finish. It will also give you an insight into the quality of the components we supply.

If you want an exact colour match the code for the grey is RAL9006, white is RAL9016 and the anthracite is RAL7016.


To ensure the highest quality we manufacture all our staircase to specific standards. The DOLLE CALGARY spiral staircase complies with European building standards defined in EN 1991 and EN 1993. The staircase Calgary is certified to a maximum point load of 200 kg and a maximum total load of 620 kg. The banister railing is also approved for a horizontal load of 50 kg metre.


  • Available in the two diameters 120 cm and 140 cm
  • Great value for the money
  • Grey spiral staircase
  • White spiral staircase


Product number
'Please select a variant'
'Please select a variant'
Tread rise
From 20,4 to 23,4 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
Tread thickness
35 mm
Tread material
Multiplex wood with beech veneer
Tread finish
Structure material
Structure finish
Powder coated
Building reg. compliant
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