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DOLLE provide a wide range of stylish staircases, Scandinavian designed in a variety of colours. The assortment of stairs also allows you to personalise your stairway with key elements such as colour, banister, balustrade, height of staircase, tread material and tread size. All the stairs offer you the chance to adapt to a room in your home.

At DOLLE we develop our concepts by searching for new ways to create access to space. Have a look at our diverse range of staircases for all types of rooms with a key focus on saving space. Our primary focus is on quality, durability and functionality and we at DOLLE have created a range of products that meet the specific needs of your home.


Type of staircases

Spiral Stairs, modular stairs or space saving stairs


Our modern spiral staircase designs will suit any home or business and whatever your budget! you can find a spiral staircase to suit you.

Modular stairs are generally more compact than conventional stairs – they are space savers, so you can squeeze them into tight corners and small spaces, a real bonus if you need to access an upper floor where space is restricted.

Space saving stairs are ideal for loft conversions by making the most of the space in your roof without taking up large amounts of floor space. Space saver staircase's are designed to fit in the smallest spaces and a great choice for conversions where a conventional staircase just can’t fit!


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