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DOLLE high quality balustrade systems

We offer different ranges to match different budgets and styles.

Why not consider our PROVA balustrade system? This comes with a choice of aluminium or anthracite finish and you can choose from 8 or 10 fills. You could also consider our PURE balustrade system with unique drop-shaped handrails and posts with a choice of 3 colours.  Finally, you could consider a minimalist look with our CLEAN banisters kits with 5 infills, round posts and handrail. All DOLLE balustrades can be joined until you reach the required length of your project, you can add as many as you need, you can also cut to size if you need to. If you need to turn a corner? Simply add a corner kit. 

For a free quote just choose the system that suits your project and all we need is your dimensions! If you want to discuss your requirements and project specification in more detail? then please contact us and we are more than happy to help to ensure you get right product for you.


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  1. Balustrade Kit PROVA Alu
    Balustrade Kit PROVA Alu
    95 - 120 cm
    Floor- & wall mounting
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £294.99
  2. Balustrade kit CLEAN Black
    Balustrade kit CLEAN Black
    98,2 - 100 cm
    Floor- & wall mounting
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £179.99

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Balustrade kit for indoor and outdoors

DOLLE balustrades can be used both indoors and outdoors, to get an idea on what they look like we have a projects page where you can view actual finished projects. Whether it’s the ideal finish to a stairway and landing or external decking or patio we hope we have the modern, quality design you are looking for.

Balustrade systems for your patio

Get a free quotation for your new balustrade system

We provide a range of services from helping to design your balustrade system to CAD drawings to the layout of your project. All of our balustrades come complete with full mounting instruction to ensure easy installation.

Call us and get a free quote with no obligations whatsoever.


Metal balustrade for decking

The most common material for balustrades tends to be metallic such as stainless steel or aluminium. All DOLLE balustrade systems are mainly in aluminium, the infill bars are quality stainless steel. Aluminium balustrades are very solid and resilient and despite their lightweight, aluminium is very durable and weather resistant even when exposed to high UV irradiation, it has will have no effect on the balustrade. Due to the resistance of the material aluminium also requires minimal maintenance to keep in as new condition.


Decking balustrade ideas

In our UK Gallery you can get some inspiration and Ideas for decking balustrade system. All our balustrade kits comply the UK building regulation for low level external patio and decking applications.

All our options give your balustrade system a quality, minimal finish while being very easy to maintain.


Balustrade outdoor

Our balustrade systems are designed to be easy to fit, so you don’t have to be a DIY expert to carry out a full installation. A few design specifications are all it takes to create a unique system for your home or garden. We provide a range of services from helping to design your balustrade system, to CAD drawings of your balustrade to your specification.


Overview of balustrade kits:

Balustrade kit PROVA antrachite
Balustrade kit PROVA aluminium
Balustrade kit PURE white
Balustrade kit PURE black
Balustrade kit PURE titanium
Balustrade kit CLEAN aluminium


How to fit decking balustrade?

You have a choice of post mountings, you can opt for a floor or a wall mounted post which can be mounted into wood or concrete, just tell us what’s right for you and we’ll make it happen. All our balustrade kits come complete with detailed installation instructions.


How high should decking balustrade be?

For Low-level decking (heights under 500cm) there is no restrictions but it is common for balustrades to be 90-100cm high.
For High-level decking (applications over 500cm) will need to have a minimum of 110cm handrail height.


How to build decking balustrade?

Our balustrade kits are possibly the easiest to install DIY balustrades in the UK. They are easy to build, taking only a minimal amount of time and only requiring only the most basic of tools. Suitable for both floor or wall-mounted installations to fit any terrasse, balcony, patio, or stairway. Just purchase the number of kits you need to reach your desired length and fit them together to make a complete Balustrade System. Our DIY balustrades don't require a builder and can be installed by you, thus saving you money.


Do I need a balustrade on my deck?

Our customers like to use our balustrades as a final tough to finish off projects, they also provide safety. UK Building regulations require that when there are flights of stairs, landings or raised areas in a single-family dwelling, there must be a balustrade if the difference between the adjacent levels is more than 60cm. But often we see it done much more often to add safety to the terrasse or patio.


How to fit balustrade post on decking?

We supply the correct fitting for attaching the post to the decking, you can have timber or concrete fixings.
You will find them here:
Screws (antrahcite) for mounitng post on concrete
Screws (antrahcite) mounting post on wood deck.
Screws (grey) mounting post on concrete
Screws (grey) mounting post on wood deck


Can a balustrade be fitted to an existing deck UK?

Yes, a Garden balustrade kit is easy to fit to existing decking, just ensure you fit the posts into the main frame of the decking and not just the decking board. Get balustrade ideas in our Project overview full of UK pictures of our balustrade kit assembled into the balustrade decking system.

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Free shipping

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Balustrade system for indoor and outdoor use

Balustrade for in- and outdoor

Whether you want a balustrade system for indoor or outdoor use, we have it.

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