Outdoor metal stairs


Stairs and steel stairs that provide easy access to the garden. The beautiful galvanized steel stairs are designed as spiral stairs with galvanized steel steps. Select your stair according to your need under each stair below.


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  1. spiral staircase in metal for outdoor use
    Spiral staircase TORONTO
    Max. height
    376 cm
    125, 155 & 185 cm
    Galvanized steel
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £1,299.99
  2. Outdoor staircase GARDENTOP Trimax®
    Outdoor staircase GARDENTOP Trimax®
    Floor-to-floor height
    36 - 264 cm
    80 or 100 cm
    Composite, brown/anthracite
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £399.99

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Outdoor stairs

With focus on high quality, choice of materials and comfort, we have created an outdoor range of metal stairs in hot-dip galvanized steel. See our very popular outdoor spiral staircase TORONTO as well as our garden metal stairs GARDENTOP and garden stairs with TRIMAX treads. 

Weather resistant metal stair for all weather

› Take up very little room below
› Weather-resistant metal stair
› No maintenance
› Top-quality outdoor metal stair
› Treads in hot-dip galvanized perforated sheet steel



External iron spiral staircase

Weather resistant outdoor spiral staircase TORONTO is constructed in metal and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to mount for DIY with complete assembly video. The outdoor stair is designed for convenience, from the balcony to the garden occupying the smallest of space. Available in 3 diameters: Ø125 and Ø155 for a floor-to-floor height up to 399.5 cm and Ø185 to reach a height up to 352,5 cm.


Garden metal stairs

With this type of outdoor stairs, it is especially important that the materials are weather resistant, and that the use of the stairs is safe even in wet conditions. As this is a particularly suitable material, hot-dip galvanized steel side panels are used for the stringers and perforated sheets in hot-dip galvanized steel are used for the treads.
It is ideal for terraces with rather low heights and can also be the perfect solution if you want to connect the upper floor with your garden. By assembling individual sections, the desired heights can easily be achieved.



As a safe basis, a foundation is necessary for the DOLLE Toronto. Plan the foundation at least 40 cm x 40 cm x 80 cm (L x W x D). This information corresponds to normal soil conditions with grown soil. The stair can be used as left- or right turn and can be used for round or square openings.

Landing banister - balcony balustrade for TOTONTO can be added for the balcony.



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Free shipping

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Safe, even in wet weather

DOLLE's outdoor staircases have non-slip steps in galvanized steel with perforated plate. Allows better resistance and ensures safe use even in wet weather.

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