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Our extended range of products offer you a wide selection of unique features, just click on each model for more detailed information on dimensions, materials and accessories that are available.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then please get in touch as we offer special made to measure loft ladders that can be tailored to your specification.


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  1. NEW
    Loft ladder SW40-5
    Loft ladder SW40-5
    Max. floor-to-ceiling height
    284 cm
    Max. height with extension
    354 cm
    34 mm
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £179.99
  2. Most popular
    Loft ladder clickFIX® 76G
    Loft ladder clickFIX® 76G
    Max. floor-to-ceiling height
    277 cm
    Max. height with extension
    347 cm
    70 mm
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £299.99
  3. Fire resistant loft ladder REI 45
    Fire resistant loft ladder REI 45
    Max. floor-to-ceiling height
    281 cm
    Max. height with extension
    351 cm
    50 mm
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £399.99

Items 1-9 of 18

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Loft ladders with high insulation mean low U-values

Quite simply DOLLE loft ladders offer the lowest U-value in the UK. In order to achieve this timber loft ladders are tested as a building component just like doors and windows. The lower u-value, the lower heat loss this means you keep the heat where it should be, in the home. We use industry recognised testing house to independently certify all our products both to U-values and European testing standard.

At DOLLE we set the highest standards with our DOLLE clickFIX® loft ladders. You have the security that you will have no thermal bridges from the loft ladder, because the trapdoor consists solely of high-insulating material with no wooden construction. The unique sealing also ensures airtightness allowing us to achieve excellent heat insulation for your home.

We offer loft ladders to suit any budget, from our SW-36 fully assembled timber loft ladder to our mid-range Clickfix ladder right up to our range topping Clickfix Thermo Comfort loft ladder, we have all your needs covered.


Wooden Loft Ladders UK

We supply wooden loft ladders and loft hatch kits with fantastic U-vales. DOLLE wooden loft ladders have the lowest U-value in the UK, due to rigorous testing and the use of high-insulating materials.


Why choose a loft ladder?

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a sturdy, long-lasting wooden loft ladder. Loft ladders made of wood are renowned for their remarkable stability and strength.

They are the ideal choice for elderly homeowners or small children because they are simple and comfortable to climb. Wooden loft ladders are also preferred for their fashionable, rustic appearance, which gives your recently converted loft area a cosy feel.


Benefits of wooden loft ladders?

Here are a few more benefits that wooden loft ladders have over other materials like aluminium, in case you're still not sure why you should put one in your house:

  • Greater strength
  • More sturdy
  • Enhanced durability
  • More stylish


How to fit or install a loft ladder UK?

Common to all our Loft ladders is that they are developed with a focus on easy installation, and when buying a DOLLE loft ladder, a detailed installation instructions are always included. However, our clickFIX® Loft ladders are particularly easy to install due to their patented click system. A clickFIX® loft ladder consists of three separate components: casing, trapdoor, and loft ladder, all of which are assembled using a patented click system. None of the components for our clickFIX® Loft ladders weigh more than 11 kg, and both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find that a clickFIX® loft ladder is much easier and quick to install than other Loft ladders on the market – also on your own.


How much do loft ladders cost?

We have a good range of loft ladders UK, and they vary in price depending on features and raw materials. Our premium ranges sell very well in the UK because people are willing to ensure the loft ladder they buy offers more than a standard timber ladder. Better the loft ladder the better the insulation, quality of raw material plus ease of use.

Our entry model is the SW36, this is a high-quality timber frame complete with a timber sandwich trapdoor.

Our most popular loft ladder is clickFIX® 76 and it cost £299.99

We offer our REI45 which is a certified fire rated loft ladder designed to withstand fire for 45 minutes, its starting cost is £349.99

Another option is our clickFIX® THERMO COMFORT at a starting cost £499.99

Finally, we can offer made to measure loft ladders, let us have your hatch size a model you would prefer and we can quote on a bespoke loft ladder that will be made just for you at our production site in Denmark.

How much to have a loft ladder fitted?

None of the components for our clickFIX® Loft ladders weigh more than 11 kg, and both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find that a clickFIX® loft ladder is easy for one person to install. We also have video that show step by step the process to install the product, they will also give a visual on the actual product so you can see the quality of the material and build of the product.


What loft ladders are the easiest to use?

Our clickFIX® THERMO COMFORT loft ladder is designed to meet the demand for more safety, super easy handling, and great comfort.

The ladder comes with a well-developed spring system making the loft ladder extra easy to handle! As light as a feather. To provide extra comfort and safety, the loft ladder is equipped with 13 cm deep anti-slip treads and with a long telescope handrail, it provides very high security accessing the loft space. It also has an option to fit an additional handrail to the ladder for support on both sides!


What size loft ladder do I need?

You will need to measure e.g., an existing opening size or you may want to extend the opening size to make more comfort. If you visit the technical data section on our loft ladder pages this will explain in full details what size, you can use.


Which loft ladder is best?    

DOLLE are the market leader for timber loft ladders worldwide. Our loft ladders we have 10-year guarantee. They are lightweight, easy to operate and install. Energy efficient with low U-values. Our most popular loft ladder is clickFIX® 76 and clickFIX® THERMO COMFORT are among our most popular loft ladders in the UK.



The unique sealing system in DOLLE's loft ladders is essential to protect against drafts and heat loss, we need to keep the heat in the home. We have developed a sealing system that ensures the gap between the trapdoor and the frame is tight preventing draft and heat loss. Our loft ladders have been tested at IFT Rosenheim according to the highest airtight class 4 - EN 12207 standard.



Before launching a new loft ladder, we always test our loft ladders thoroughly to ensure that all our loft ladders meet legal requirements, industry standards and guidelines as well as our own high-quality demands. Our loft ladders are subjected to many different types of tests including insulation capacity, U-value and airtightness to EN 12207. We test the loft ladders strength, repetition testing on closing mechanisms and hinges as well as tensile testing according to EN 14975. Our loft ladders are approved up to 150 kg, but we test up to 265 kg.



DOLLE UK also have a series of fire-resistant loft ladders - REI 45 have been tested according to the new European standard.

REI stands for:

R (resistance) carrying capacity during fire.

E (integrity) ability to keep flames and gases out.

I (insulation) ability to keep warmth out.

The 45 minutes indicates for how long the loft ladder can withstand a fire. Hence the name DOLLE REI 45.



Thanks to the loft ladders low weight and patented assembly technology with click modules our clickFIX® loft ladders can also be easily installed by one person. It's simple: align casing, screw in place, click on the trapdoor and ladder section and adjust to the room height - job done! To ensure a perfectly airtight installation of the loft ladder. A vapour barrier is supplied with this product. This ensures an airtight connection between the loft ladder and the ceiling construction.

The ladder comes with a revolutionary spring system making the loft ladder simple and easy to handle! You could say light as a feather. To provide extra comfort and safety, the loft ladder is equipped with deep anti-slip treads and a handrail. It’s also possible to buy additional handrail to the ladder for support on both sides of the loft ladder!



Danish design and craftmanship are combined with traditional materials. DOLLE loft ladders are manufactured in Denmark under ISO certified systems, our timber is sourced from renewable FSC® certified forests for all our loft ladders, you will see this marked with the FSC® logo. We are constantly expanding our product range and are working on technical improvements and innovations, a recent example of this is DOLLE have been pioneering thermal insulation and developed windproof installation solutions for loft ladders since 1951.


Loft ladder accessories

Loft ladder accessories

We can supply you with spare parts to renew your loft ladder and maintain safe, smooth operation. Find our wide selection for your DOLLE loft ladder.

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