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Our loft stairs all have a unique design with a space saving in mind.  If you’re looking for basic access to space or a full staircase we will have the model for you. We offer a wide selection of wood loft stairs and mezzanine loft ladders in a variety of designs, sizes, and functionality. You can simply use the filter to find the solution that’s right for you.


Which loft stair is right for me?

We endeavour to make purchase and installation of your loft stair as simple as possible. We design our staircases to be easy to mount with the most basic of tools. Our stairs for loft conversions have the flexibility so the staircase can be adapted to fit restricted spaces.

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  1. Staircase ATLANTA
    Staircase ATLANTA
    Max. height
    300 cm
    62 cm
    Beech multiplex & Anthracite
    Delivered price from*
    As low as £999.99

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Loft stairs for loft conversions

Contempoary Loft stairs designed for your loft conversion or extension. Stylish addition to any home and a practical solution for access to loft conversions or extensions.


Loft stairs and modular staircases

We have a range of loft stairs and staircases that are suitable for loft conversions. You can choose from a range of wooden staircase or modular staircases that can be installed to meet your exact specification. All our staircases come complete in kit form. Wooden staircases can be cut to size, if you choose a modular staircase this comes in one box containing everything you need. Modular staircases are versatile and can be shaped in either straight flight, quarter turn or 90 degrees in some models.  If this is your requirement you can check out our ATLANTA, ROME, GRAZ, BERLIN and BASEL.


How to build a stair in a small space?

The BERLIN is popular due to its high-quality finish combined with clean simple lines. If you want to see how this staircase is built then you can view our Mounting video which shows the process from start to finish.


How much does a stair cost?

We have a wide range of modern staircases to suit all budgets. Our wooden straight flight ladders start at £139.99, our wooden fixed staircase start at £189.99, you can also add various different options of handrail and treads. Stairs for loft conversions generally tend to be modular staircases which start from as little as £649.99 up £1299.00 all depending on the model and specification. Main staircases which can be used for primary stairs for the home start from £1799.99 up to our top of the range Dubai and Sydney models that depending on the specification can be £4999.99

We will help you get the right staircase for your project within your budget. Contact us for expert advice - we are ready to help, telephone 01376 528000 or email at


How to fit a staircase?

Our aim is that our comprehensive instruction guides and full installation videos help our customers decide if they want to build their staircase themselves. The stairs are designed easy to mount so you can do it in a minimal amount of time and with only basic tools. You can view the instructions and installation video on the download section on the product page mounting instructions / mounting video.


What is a modular staircase?

Modular stairs are modern and light staircases that are typically installed in the home. They are popular amongst homeowners who enjoy do-it-yourself projects because of the modular designs, and they come in complete kits and thereby also simple installations.


How many steps will my staircase need?

The number of treads on a stair depends on the floor-to-floor height. One thing to consider is that you can adjust the gap between the treads on our modular staircases. The narrower the gap the more comfortable the staircase is climb and you will see we offer different tread options for different heights. A good example of how adaptable our staircases can be is our ATLANTA. This staircase can be built up to a maximum height of 300cm but can easily be adapted to heights lower by reducing the tread space to a lower setting of simply removing treads. You can view more on this by visiting the download section of the product page. Our stairs for loft conversions are with several numbers of treads to fit the needs.


Do you need planning permission to put stairs into loft?

We always recommend you check with your local building authority. There are two main descriptions for staircases and these are primary and secondary. UK building regulations requirements for primary staircases will mean you will have to have a maximum rise of 22 cm between treads.  You will also have to look for DOLLE staircases with banisters with a gap of less than 10cm and close the gap between the treads with riser bars. If you are looking to purchase a secondary staircase, for example access to a loft storage space, mezzanine floor, office or playroom, then all our staircases would be suitable. For more information you can contact us and we are ready to help, telephone 01376 528000 or email at


Can stairs leading to a loft have sloped ceiling?

The main consideration for a slopped ceiling would be to ensure you have 1.9m clear height at the top of the staircase. This would be a standard requirement for a primary staircase but for a secondary staircase this is not a requirement, but we would advise you consider keeping as much headroom at the top of the stair so its easy to enter and exit the staircase.


How steep can loft stairs be?

It’s good to know there are no restrictions on the angle of a secondary staircase but important to remember the wider the incline the more comfortable the staircase.


How to put lights on stair for loft conversion

If you’re looking for lights on your staircase you should consider our SYDNEY staircase as this can be purchased with the option to have lights built into the main stem of the stair.


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Free shipping

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We are ready to help

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