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At DOLLE we have been supplying staircases globally for over 50 years. We have a full range of outdoor staircases for you to choose from, we aim to make the most of the space. We focus on high quality, material options, strength, and comfort. All our outdoor staircases are made with high grade galvanised steel, and you can choose from our  TORONTO spiral staircase or our straight flight which is available with GARDENTOP with Metal perforated treads or GARDENTOP with Trimax® treads.


Our non-slip galvanized steel steps have drilled holes give a non-slip surface to ensure our staircases feel are safe all year round. You can choose the width of your TORONTO spiral staircase with options of 125 cm, 155 cm or 185 cm, the wider the staircase the more comfort. With our GARDENTOP straight flight staircase you can choose from 80 cm or 100 cm with a choice of metal perforated treads or composite TRIMAX tread which are also nonslip.


It is not always possible to find a standard solution that exactly fits your specification, but with our outdoor stairs it is possible to customise the stairs to your needs. You can choose from different formats, layouts, heights, and treads surfaces. What best suits your design!

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Outdoor banister

Increase safety and comfort with our DOLLE outdoor banister systems. You can add banister to your GARDENTOP staircase not just one side but both, it's easy to upgrade the safety and comfort of your staircase. With our TORONTO spiral staircase, you can add a landing banister that matches the staircase, this will complement the staircase and add safety to any exposed landing space.

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FAQ outdoor staircases

All DOLLE outdoor staircase come complete with full instruction guide and a full installation video which show the step-by-step process of the installation from start to finish. Keen DIY’er? We hope you might consider completing the install yourself. It can be built by yourselves and thereby save money. They are designed as easy to install, for a two person installation it should take 1 – 2 days depending on the specification with only the most basic of tools. If you want to bring someone in to complete the build for you this should give you an idea of the labour cost of an installation.

All our outdoor metal or steel spiral staircases come complete with all the components you will need for your specification. All our outdoor spiral staircases have full instructions and installation video, not only to help with the build but also help you see the quality of the components we supply.

Our metal exterior spiral staircase cost varies according to diameter and floor-to floor height (number of treads). The starting cost for a standard 280cm high, 125 cm width outdoor staircase is £1399.99, the same staircase 155 cm starts from £1499.99 but you can pay up to up to £2799.99 for a 352ccm high, 185 cm width.


It’s a simple buy and build a metal spiral staircase. We have 2 metal outdoor staircase designs to choose from, our TORONTO spiral staircase and our GARDENTOP straight flight metal staircase, both made from high grade galvanised steel. You can build each staircase to your design and specification.

Yes, we offer our TORONTO outdoor metal spiral staircase. You can view the product installed all over UK, just – see our reference project.

DOLLE's outdoor staircases have non-slip steps in galvanised steel with perforated plate. This allows better resistance and ensures safe use even in wet weather.

You can see our installation videos of how to install an exterior spiral staircase in galvanized steel.  Our Installation video empower people to build an exterior spiral staircase themselves, they are designed as DIY exterior spiral staircase - easy to mount so you can do it in a single weekend and only with the most basic of tools.

non slip treads

Safe, even in wet weather

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