Contemporary staircase revolution DUBAI

Revolution in staircase design

The DOLLE DUBAI staircase is a unique modular solution as a replacement for existing staircase or modern design a new project. It’s possible to customise your staircase as a straight flight, quarter-turn or half-turn, just choose the layout that best suits the space you have work with. The staircase DUBAI is a revolutionary design innovation in prefabricated indoor main staircases complying to UK building regulations in UK. It offers you an alternative to a custom-made staircase with many different options for you to choose from, to create your own unique design.

Choose the wood for the treads and handrail:

The DUBAI staircase has two options for tread width, you can choose an 80cm tread if space is at a premium or 90 cm if you have more space to work with. Both sizes are finished in solid oiled oak or beech with a handrail to match. To ensure the highest sustainable quality all our treads and handrails are made from wood sourced from FSC®-certified forests. Each component is sealed with oil that enhances the aesthetic qualities of the wood, ensuring a quality, natural finish. Enjoy the warm, soft feel of high-quality wood tread with a handrail to match.

Choose your banister

The DUBAI staircase comes with 3 banister options to match your interior design, just select the handrail that suits you:

  • DESIGN, is an option with horizontal fillings 10 mm in width.
  • CLASSIC 3, is an option with 3 vertical balusters per tread, this will ensure compliance to UK building regulations.
  • CLASSIC 4, is an option with 4 vertical balusters per tread, this will ensure compliance to UK building regulations.

If you are looking to use your DUBAI staircase as a main access staircase, this can be defined as access to a second floor, bedroom loft conversion or primary staircase you will need the Classic 3 banister option as a minimum as this will comply with UK building regulations. The more banisters your staircase has the safer it will be, you also have the option of installing child riser bar to close the gap between the treads. Just choose you options here:
Riser bars and Side 2 banister DESIGN , Side 2 banister CLASSIC 3Side 2 banister CLASSIC 4.

You also have the option to include a matching landing banister that will complete the uniformed look for the entire hallway, staircase, and landing.

You can view our matching landing banisters for DUBAI Design and DUBAI Classic.


See all measurements for the stair in your home here Dimensions (all measurements)

Staircase Going also footspace

Going - top mobility

22-27 cm

staircase floor-to-floor height on DOLLE staircase

Max. floor-to-floor height

357 cm

staircases from DOLLE with specific width

Staircase width

80 - 94 cm

staircases number of treads icon from DOLLE

Numbers of treads

11 - 16 treads

staircase rise height icon from DOLLE


17 - 21 cm

Configure stair

New stair range catalogue from DOLLE

We are excited to share our biggest product launch in DOLLE history. See our new staircase range.

FAQ Staircases

This will depend on the size of the staircase – we have a large range of staircase:

Our smallest space saving staircase cost from £700 up to £3,300 for larger staircase. Number of treads, wood type and stair banister effects the price. Design it yourselves and built a cheap staircase or you can make a more exclusive staircase. You can build our staircases yourselves with our DIY mounting video.  

Our biggest staircase is DUBAI it is a main staircase and with the Classic banister it complies to UK building regulations:  DUBAI Staircase cost from £3,500 up to £5,700. So now you have an idea of our price range.

We use good top-quality wood for our treads in oak and beech. Our oak treads have a treatment of white oiled or natural oiled. 

Treads: They are also named steps from time to time but in connection with a staircase that are named treads. Tread width will tell how wide the treads are,

Headroom: There must be a head room above the stair of at least 2.2 meters (preferably more) – on every tread on the way up. See our dimension schemes on each staircase.

Ground: (G - is the tread space for a foot) must be so that the stair is safe and good to access.

Rise height: (S) difference between the treads must be between 18-21cm. Low rise e.g., 18 cm provides better comfort.

Stair banister: Consist of the handrail and balusters. In UK vertical balusters are preferred. Pay attention to the distance between vertical balusters max. distance is a maximum of 10 cm to comply to code in UK. If you choose our banister named CLASSIC, you are safe and you can increase safety by choosing CLASSIC III over CLASSIC II.

Handrail: Is the hand railing provided in every staircase to hold while climbing stairs.

Pitch of staircase: The angle created by the line of nosing with the horizontal is known as the pitch of a stair. This angle is denoted by (ϴ = Theta). It is telling how steep slope of the staircase is e.g., a space saving staircase is a more compact staircase and developed with a steeper pitch to occupy minimal space compared to a main staircase like DUBAI which have the focus on comfort. DUBAI has got a pitch between 38-44 °. 

In all our DIMENSIONS of the staircases you will find the pitch of the staircase.

Landing banister: The height of our landing banister (balcony balustrade) must at least be 100 cm, and the height of our stair handrail is at least 90 cm. It is always possible to choose a railing for the stairs or repos with vertical balusters, where the distance is a maximum of 10 cm. In our assembly instructions and dimension sheets you will find measurements on stair railing and landing banisters.  

Stringer: It is the centre construction that is supporting every step/tread.

You should always check with your local building authority before committing to a purchase.  UK building code requires staircases to comply to certain specifications, one rule is a 100mm sphere test where at no point can this pass through the staircase.  This means you could need extra banisters and child riser bars between the treads.  If you are not sure on the application, please get in contact.

We endeavour to make purchasing and installing of your new Staircase as simple as possible. We design our stairs as easy to mount with the most basic of tools. Our Staircase has a great flexibility that makes the staircase adjustable to fit restricted spaces.
Our goal is that our Installation video empower people to build a spiral staircase step by step themselves without the help of craftspeople thus saving money.

Our goal is that our installation video empowers people to build their staircase themselves without help of craftspeople thus saving money. The staircases are designed easy to mount so you can do it in a single weekend and only with the most basic of tools. Please see our video instructions

DUBAI, SYDNEY, BERLIN, FRANKFURT and HAMBURG have oiled oak treads. On these 3 staircase models you can choose between white-oiled oak and oak with natural oil. All treads are of FSC® certified wood. 

BOSTON, DUBLIN, CORK, BASEL have massive oak treads that are lacquered. Select treads under the staircase product page.

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