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We have a large assortment of spiral staircases for private homes in UK. Please have a look at all the variations and styles. They all have good comfort so pick the diameter that fit your home under each spiral staircase. For spiral staircase Montreal you also have tread options, colour and floor height to select. 


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The spiral staircases come in a lot of variations and styles. They are high-quality modern spiral staircases made to fit into most home styles thanks to its minimalistic and functional design. The compact spiral staircase is smart, like a sculpture in the room, space saving and safe - added to improve a home’s infrastructure. A great link between the ground floor and the first floor. The spiral staircase is developed primarily for homeowners who want to combine their preference for bright, modern design and comfort. The spiral staircase is developed for loft conversions, space saver as we call our spiral staircase to attic.



Our spiral staircase kits are made easy to mount with the DOLLE spiral staircase installation video. We have 2 sizes of spiral staircases in diameter 120 cm and 140 cm. The 120 cm is a narrow spiral staircase for smaller spaces and loft conversions. Pick the spiral staircase in 120 cm in the drop down on the product page.  



Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a loft spiral staircase.


Spiral staircases - are they space saving?

A spiral staircase compared to a traditional main staircase will save you space within your room layout. The design of a Spiral Staircase is round, and it means that treads are positioned within the diameter mentioned. They will not take up more room than that. A spiral stair will typically be tucked into a corner location of the room which then maximises the rest of your living space.


What are the Building Regulations for spiral staircases?

Our focus is private staircases for access to habited space. Building regulations in relation to spiral staircases for private use, it is essential that all steps/treads have the same rise. The individual tread rises measures no more than 22 cm. Another important factor is that you cannot have gaps of more than 10 cm situated between the balusters or the individual treads. Riser bars (child guards) can be fitted between the treads to reduce these gaps. Spiral staircases may also need a minimum clear stair width of 60 cm. All these aspects covered are just guidance and it will be the decision of the building inspectors to judge whether your spiral stair meets the regulations.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to ensure that spiral staircase, handrail and landing banister are safe. If you have doubts, please contact your local building authority.

How are loft spiral staircases constructed?

The centre post forms the foundation for our spiral staircases, it will have a solid base that will be mounted to your floor. Supporting balusters and a handrail will be affixed to the widest part of the treads to provide a safer climb up the spiral staircase. The top landing platform is secured to the loft opening at the stairway. The spiral staircase is supported at both the top and bottom.



Take a look at our spiral staircases loft conversions:
Calgary anthracite Spiral staircase
Montreal Classic 4 Spiral staircase
Montreal Design Spiral staircase
Calgary grey & white spiral stair
Landing banister/ balcony balustrade for Montreal Classic & Calgary


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