Balustrade systems for indoor and outdoor


Choose between 1.0 or 1.2 metre high balustrades - and pick colour anthracite or aluminium

The balustrade PROVA is 200 cm long. Pick the 2-metres balustrade kit (floor - or wall mounted) and extend - 2 metres at a time - until you reach the full required length according to your need. You can add as many as you like! Complete the sections with a single post (like the drawing).




For the straight-end extension, connecting elements are already included in the kit so if you want to go around a corner just add a corner kit. Get a free quote for your balustrade system. All we need is your dimensions - we are ready to help.


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The luxurious balustrade systems from DOLLE will adorn your balcony, patio, or interior with modern elegance, with perfectly shaped components in very good quality, clean lines and excellent detail. The sturdy balustrades are ideal for exteriors garden area or interiors, tailored to suit the style of your home.


Metal balustrade for decking

The most common material for balustrades tends to be metallic such as stainless steel or aluminium. Or balustrade decking system are mainly in aluminium- the balustrade system PROVA have fillings in stainless steel – the rest is in aluminium. Aluminium balustrades are very solid and resilient. Despite the light weight, aluminium is very durable and weather resistant, and although exposed to high UV irradiation, it has no effect on the balustrade. Due to the resistance of the material, aluminium requires minimal maintenance.


Get a free quotation for your new balustrade system

We provide a range of services from helping to design your balustrade system, to CAD drawings of your balustrade solution. Our mounting instruction offer you a great help in final installation. Call us and get a free quote – no obligations.

Overview of balustrade kits:

Balustrade kit PROVA antrachite
Balustrade kit PROVA aluminium
Balustrade kit PURE white
Balustrade kit PURE black
Balustrade kit PURE titanium
Balustrade kit CLEAN aluminium

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Free shipping

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we are ready to help

We are ready to help

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Balustrade system for indoor and outdoor use

Balustrade for in- and outdoor

Whether you want a balustrade system for indoor or outdoor use, we have it.

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