BEAM-IT-UP® construction kit

Genius storage system in beautiful design

Basic construction with beams (incl. screws and raw plugs). Start by defining the wall type to get the correct raw plugs. Then select width interval of your room in the drop-down tab. Last select length you require of your BEAM-IT-UP® storage.

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When mounting the wall rail, the wall material must be considered. Is it stone, concrete, wood or lightweight walls? For lightweight wall like dry wall, plaster walls you will need the raw plugs Fischer Duotec – therefore it is important to select your wall type – then you will receive the correct raw plugs. The correct screws for the wall mounting (PH 6 x 60 mm torx) will also be included in the package.


Based on the width of the room, your beams will be selected and how many modules you can place on them. The beams are available in 4 different widths and can be extended telescopically by another 30 cm, so they fit in spaces from 94 to 214 cm wide. The storage modules are placed exclusively on the fixed, non-extendable, areas of the beams!

BEAM 124 covers a room width of 94 - 124 cm.
BEAM 154 covers a room width of 124 - 154 cm.
BEAM 184 covers a room width of 154 - 184 cm.
BEAM 214 covers a room width of 184 - 214 cm.

As part of the BEAM construction you also have the wall rails, where the cross beams are supported. The wall rails are 130 cm long and can be mounted or shortened one behind the other in a continuous run. So, if your room is deeper, install several rails after each other. You will have to think about the length of your room you want to fill with BEAM-IT-UP® as you have a lot of flexibility when planning your storage system.

Elegant construction is the basic for a beautiful design of beams in aluminum

This clever ceiling storage system BEAM-IT-UP® can easily be integrated into any home. All you need is a drill, a spirit level and a screwdriver. All parts for attaching your tailor-made suspension rack are included in the package.

• To attach BEAM-IT-UP® above a door frame you need a minimum distance of 35 cm to the ceiling!
• The room must be at least 94 cm wide and max 214 cm wide to use BEAM-IT-UP®.


  • Designed to organize the messiest trouble spots in your home
  • Genius storage for smaller places
  • Get clutter-free in 1 minute
  • DIY ceiling storage in grand design
  • Scandinavian design and very functional


Beam height
75 mm
Beam depth
32 mm
Wall rail length
1300 mm
Wall rail height
57,50 mm
Wall rail depth
13,50 mm
Required tools
A measuring tape or a ruler 
A drill
A spirit level 
A screwdriver 
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