1 storage box 1 net 124-184 width x 130 cm

Discover the advantages of our innovative storage system

This BEAM-IT-UP® storage solution fit hallway having a width from 124 to 184 cm. Below in the drop down you must pick room width. Minimum room length: 130 cm.

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130 cm

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Do you want to create storage space for skis, skateboards, suitcases or just your favourite music instrument? Then this sturdy yet lightweight storage net can bring you good styling. Together with a net 120 x 60 cm you will get real closet space a 120 x 60 cm BEAM-IT-UP® ceiling storage organiser. The storage organiser box can be used for all types of items just like a closet just coming down from above. Here you can store shoes, winter clothing, sports equipment, bags and boxes. Thanks to BEAM-IT-UP®, everything gets its permanent place in the closet coming down from above. Enjoy your next-level storage.

To attach BEAM-IT-UP® above a door frame you need a minimum distance of 33-35 cm to the ceiling.

Smart storage system that can be extend after need

All you need is two opposite walls - measure the width in between the walls. All you need to do is to pick your room width in the drop-down menu either: 124-154 cm or 154-184 cm. Your room length must be minimum 130 cm. Everything screws, raw plugs, beams and rails are included in the package.

This smart storage solution consist of:

1 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Storage box with organizer - 3 compartments

1 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Storage net

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Beam 154 or Beam 184 according to wall measurements

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Wall rail 130

1 pcs. Screws - PH 6 x 60 mm, torx - 50 pcs



  • Sturdy lightweight filing net
  • Fabric organizer that is easy to clean
  • Recyclable – take it with you when you move
  • Installation need a minimum distance of 33-35 cm to the ceiling
  • Smart and robust storage in grand design

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130 cm
Maximum load
20 kg
Casing material
Laminated pine
Trapdoor material
High density fiberboard
CPL foil
Required tools
A measuring tape or a ruler 
A drill
A spirit level 
A screwdriver
FSC® certified wood

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