3 storage box 184-214 width x 130 cm

Discover the advantages of our innovative storage system.

Storage system with 3 storage box organiser which fit a room width from 184 to 214 cm. The beams are telescopically expandable with 30 cm for an exact fit to the room width. The length of room minimum: 130 cm.

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130 cm
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BEAM-IT-UP® is the perfect storage system for your home. With our solution, you can have both: Smart storage solutions with great functionality that you can hide out of sight.

Storage box organiser with 3 compartments – a closet in the ceiling

The storage box organiser easily folds up and down. The white organiser in fabric is dustproof and light and can quickly be closed with a zipper and protects the interior from dust and dirt. The 3 shelves or compartments of the storage box can accommodate all kinds of items including clothing, books, shoes and lightweight unbreakable items. The material is water repellent and easy to clean. Each compartment has 7 kg load capacity with a total weight of 20 kg. Size of the fabric organiser: h: 103 cm x w 44 cm, material: polyester

The BEAM-IT-UP® is designed by Scandinavians designers C.F. Møller’s and that is shown in the clean and simple lines. The storage modules are white, and the beautiful beams and rails are in aluminium, so a very nice combination of white and aluminium.

See how to install it in our installation video – also fell free to contact us we are happy to help

This smart storage solution consist of:

3 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Storage box with organizer - 3 compartments

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Beam 214

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Wall rail 130

1 pcs. Screws - PH 6 x 60 mm, torx - 50 pcs

Fischer DUOPOWER/ DUOTEC plugs


  • Storage system in high quality
  • Fabric organizer that is easy to clean
  • Recyclable and removable
  • Installation need a minimum distance of 33-35 cm above the door to the ceiling
  • Innovative storage system in grand design


130 cm
Maximum load
20 kg
Textile - 100% Polyester
Casing material
Laminated pine, white finish
Trapdoor material
High density fiberboard
CPL foil
Required tools
A measuring tape or a ruler 
A drill
A spirit level 
A screwdriver
FSC® certified wood
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