REI 45 comfort loft ladder made to measure

Fire-resistant loft ladder DOLLE REI 45 comfort made to measure with steel ladder from complies with EN 13501-2 and lives up to the highest quality standards.

Focusing on comfort, DOLLE has a fire-resistant loft ladders with an anthracite steel ladder. The ladder comes with a high quality spring system making the loft ladder extra easy to handle. To provide extra comfort and safety, the loft ladder is equipped with 13 cm deep anti-slip treads and with its long telescope handrail, it provides security accessing the loft space. The DOLLE REI comfort meets the demand for more safety, super easy handling and comfort.

The new European fire requirements are described from the loft ladders:

R (resistance) carrying capacity during fire.

E (integrity) ability to keep flames and gases out.

I (insulation) ability to keep warm out.

After the classification, the time period for which the loft ladder can withstand fire is indicated by the DOLLE REI 45 so that the fire-resistant loft ladders are fireproof for 45 minutes.

All loft ladders from DOLLE are tested in accordance with EN 14975.

10 treads: Adjustable between 228,6-249,8 cm (standard ladder cut down to 10 treads)

11 treads: Adjustable between 249,9-270,6 cm (standard)

12 treads: Adjustable between 270,7-290,8 cm (standard ladder + extension kit)




Outside casing 117.5 - 157.5 × 57.6 - 77.6 cm*
Opening size 120 - 160 × 60 - 80 cm**
Floor-to-ceiling height 228.6 - 290.8 cm***
Casing height 19.1 - 80 cm
Type 3 section
Tested u-value 0,96 W/(m2K)
Insulation 50 mm Rockwool
Fire approved REI 45, EN 13501-2
Maximum load 150 kg, EN 14975
Air tightness Class 4, EN 12207

* Outside casing must max. be width x length = max. 1.0672 m2.
** Opening size must max. være 1,125 m2.
*** If the ceiling height is over 280 cm, the casing length must be 127.5 cm or more.
**** Casing height must be from min. 37 cm in height when combined with roof access.

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