Loft ladder Miniflex made to measure

Loft ladder DOLLE Miniflex is a space-saving loft ladder access solution.

This space saving scissor loft ladder is made of aluminium complete with trapdoor and casing. This loft ladder requires no landing space and is ideal for tight openings and spaces. The deep step surface of the comfortable, wide non- slip treads gives the feeling of safety and security and is just one detail that distinguishes this DOLLE Miniflex from other loft ladders. The loft attachment is made of spruce can be moved with little to no effort. The aluminium ladder section of is simple to operate and at the same time secure when accessing the loft space. As the ladder requires very little space when it is folded and can work with a very limited landing space.  Draught excluder contained in casing and trapdoor with 50-mm insulation prevents loss of heat, keeping energy where it should be in home living space. The loft ladders casing and trapdoor has a rebate for ensure a tight closing space between the hatch and trapdoor which is also finished in white.

Quality Loft ladder, easy to operate for even the tightest of spaces. The Miniflex come complete with wooden extended pole and hook. This makes it easy to reach the hatch lock and aid easy operation. Installation is easy for someone who enjoys DIY or a trade professional.



Outside casing 55 - 67.6 × 67.5 - 85 cm
Opening size 57.5 - 70 × 70 - 87.5 cm
Floor-to-ceiling height 218 - 286 cm*
Casing height 14 cm
Ladder material aluminium
Insulation 50 mm

* Floor to ceiling height above 260 cm - casing length must be 77,5 cm or more.

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