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Enter the ceiling height and your opening dimensions and let our design tool guide you through your options. Casing height can be up to 80 cm. Max. ceiling height: 284.6 cm. Built-in finish.

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With a focus on comfort, DOLLE has developed a highly insulated loft trapdoor with an anthracite grey metal ladder. The ladder comes with a smooth spring system that makes the loft ladder extra easy to handle just like a feather! To provide additional comfort and safety, the loft ladder is equipped with 13 cm deep treads and a long telescopic handrail that provides support and safety on the way up to the loft space. There is an option to install an additional telescopic handrail for support on both sides (sold separately).

We offer two installation solutions, built into plasterboard ceilings or finish with our architraves.

Our new DOLLE clickFIX®️ comfort loft ladder has two installation solutions where you can install into plasterboard so its flush with ceiling. Thanks to the newly developed loft ladder profile we have a durable fully integrated ceiling solution where the plasterboard is placed directlyagainst the loft ladder profile and only the trapdoor is visible at the entrance to the loft space. In the second option is you can install the traditional way using our new architraves. Either way you can visually conceal the installation joint for a seamless finish and both options are included with the loft ladder.


DOLLE clickFIX® Comfort loft trapdoor is made with 70 mm thick polystyrene. 0.49 W/m2*K. The low U-value is particularly noteworthy, as all products are tested as U-values for building components, like doors and windows. Usually, U-value indications are given as a calculated centre value for the hatch, which is highly misleading in energy calculations.

Casing height up to 80 cm.

It is possible to design the Made-to-measure loft ladder with a casing height of up to 80 cm. Casing heights over 36 cm are fitted with an extra tread in the casing. If the casing height is above 65 cm, 2 treads must be installed to comply with building regulations. The casing is white primed plywood.

The difference between ceiling opening and casing dimensions?

We use the term " ceiling opening ". The term refers to the size of the opening in the ceiling where the loft ladder will be placed.

The casing dimensions are the length and width of the casing of the loft ladder.

Our loft ladders are produced 2.5 cm smaller than the hole size you order, this ensures that there is a gap for the loft ladder to be installed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service on Tel: 01376 528000.

Please note that this is a made-to-measure product and therefore cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase.


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