Made to measure Loft ladder REI 60

Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder for 60 Minutes

Enter the ceiling height and your opening dimensions and let our design tool guide you through your options. Casing height can be as high as 80 cm. Max. ceiling height: 328 cm.

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The DOLLE REI 60 is a 60-minute fire-resistant loft ladder which is manufactured in accordance with EN 13501-2. The ladder, made of high-quality materials, is stable and easy to operate. Crafted from pine with non-slip beech treads, it can reach a ceiling height of up to 328 cm. The trapdoor on REI 60 is insulated with a 70 mm stone wool board, made of non-combustible, moisture- and water-resistant Rockwool stone wool. The 76 mm thick trapdoor effectively retains heat and is resistant to wear and scratches. REI 60 has a tested U-value of 0.94 W/m2*K.

Fire-Tested Loft Ladder with 60-Minute Fire Resistance

Building regulations increasingly demand fire resistance for structural components, and this includes loft ladders. Therefore, we test our fire-resistant loft ladders according to European regulations, complying with EN 13501-2. A fire-resistant loft ladder undergoes a fire test where it is installed in a fire chamber and exposed to a real fire situation. The REI 60 loft ladder is tested and certified by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).

Casing Height Up to 80 cm

It is possible to design the Made-to-measure loft ladder with a high casing of up to 80 cm. A casing height over 36 cm is fitted with an extra tread in the casing. If the casing height is over 65 cm, 2 treads must be installed to comply with building regulations. The casing is white-primed plywood. It is not possible to add extension links to custom-sized loft ladders.

REI 60 Can Be Prepared for a Lock

You have the option to purchase REI 60 with a cylinder lock. This provides the significant advantage of securing access to the loft space, making it suitable for installation in garages and carports.

The difference between ceiling opening and casing dimensions?

We use the term " ceiling opening ". The term refers to the size of the opening in the ceiling where the loft ladder will be placed.

The casing dimensions are the length and width of the casing of the loft ladder.

Our loft ladders are produced 2.5 cm smaller than the hole size you order, this ensures that there is a gap for the loft ladder to be installed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service on Tel: 01376 528000.

Please note that this is a made-to-measure product and therefore cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase.


Product number
'Please select a variant'
U-value (W/m²* K)
Trapdoor material
Sandwich construction
Trapdoor thickness
76 mm
60 mm
Casing material
Laminated pine, white finish
Casing thickness
18 mm
Tread material
Solid beech
Tread thickness
17,50 mm
Tread depth
83 mm
String material
String thickness
21 mm
String depth
83 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
Airtight EN 12207 class 4, FSC® certified wood, Manufactured according to EN 14975
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