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The assortment allows you to personalise your stairway with key elements such as format, tread material and size, colours, balustrade and style. Use the filter to find the stair matching your needs and wishes. Under each product you select size, colour, format and type of wood.


Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a staircase.


Factors to consider when choosing a staircase

See various parameters that can help your choice of a staircase.

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    Staircase DALLAS
    Staircase DALLAS
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    300 cm
    69 cm
    Beech multiplex
    Black, Anthracite & Pearl grey
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Small and compact space saving staircases

We have a large assortment of small staircases. Our smallest space saving staircase models have the space-saving asymmetric reversing treads which provide a comfortable tread surface even where there is not much space. These treads have given the stair the named paddle stairs. They give a simple and compact space saving staircase real space saver stair.


Paddle stairs 

The space saving stairs models ROME, GRAZ, BERLIN and BASEL are paddle stairs with the reversing treads. They can also be twisted staircases because they can be turned at the bottom to save even more space. Measurement that you need for each staircase is available under the loft stairs or you can see all our technical material for each stair. 


Stairs for loft conversions

Space saving loft stairs are designed primarily to access your loft conversion and to provide a solution that takes up the least amount of floor space in your living area. At DOLLE we have develop a large staircase assortment in different sizes with a lot of flexibility and focus on design finish. Our stairs for loft conversions have different treads option e.g., loft stair ATLANTA comes with multiplex treads whereas other modular staircases come with solid oak and solid beech treads.


Uncompromising safety for our loft stairs

Our loft stairs give the possibility to have a loft of safety e.g., reducing the gap between adding even greater safety and comfort. To enhance child safety, you can add an additional banister and install riser bars under the treads in colours to match the staircase of your choice. Add a nice, safe finish by installing a landing banister at the top of your staircase. And complete the finishing touches by adding DOLLE cover kit – designed to hide screws and assemblies on our modular staircases.


How to Measure for a staircase or loft stair

Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a loft stair. In our Dimensions you will find precise measurements of the loft stair.


How much does a staircase cost UK

This will depend on the size of the staircase – we have a large range of staircase:

Our smallest space saving staircase cost from £600 up to £3,300 for larger staircase. Number of treads, wood type and stair banister effects the price. Design it yourselves and built a cheap staircase or you can make a more exclusive staircase. You can build our staircases yourselves with our DIY mounting video.  


How to build a staircase UK

We endeavour to make purchasing and installing of your new Staircase as simple as possible. We design our stairs as easy to mount with the most basic of tools. Our Staircase has a great flexibility that makes the staircase adjustable to fit restricted spaces.
Our goal is that our Staircase installation video empower people to build a spiral staircase step by step themselves without the help of craftspeople thus saving money.


How to build a staircase in a small space?

We have a lot of staircases for small spaces. The stairs come in kit where everything is included. The most space-saving staircase has asymmetric reversing treads.

These stairs have got a comfortable tread even where there is not much space. The models with turning treads are ATLANTA, ROME, COPENHAGEN, GRAZ, BERLIN and BASEL. Especially the BERLIN is popular in the UK.

DIY Staircase Mounting video is available in top-quality.


Free shipping

Free shipping

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