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The staircase DALLAS can be installed in straight flight or quarter-turn and comes complete with 11 treads finished in varnished beech multiplex. It has a maximum height of 300 cm but can be adapted to suit lower heights.

Product Properties

Max. floor-to-floor height
300 cm
Tread width
65 cm
Tread material
Beech multiplex

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Simple & versatile staircase

DALLAS is designed for simplicity and offers a space-saving solution with a light, understated design. The staircase is available as straight flight or quarter-turn with 11 treads of varnished beech multiplex for a maximum floor-to-floor height of 300 cm. One or more treads can be removed if you do not need the maximum floor-to-floor height. Its simple to install at lower floor to floor heights, each tread is adjustable so can achieve a rise of between 19 and 25 cm, treads can also be removed so the staircase can perfectly match your specification. The staircase comes complete with a side banister that can be fitted on the left- or right-hand side. The vertical handrail balusters are safely fitted to the treads (with 13.2 cm spacing) to maximise both comfort and stability. You have the option to reduce the spacing to 5.4 cm with an extramiddle balusterspack that can be purchased separately for the handrail .

The DALLAS staircase can be installed in just one day thanks to its simple, modular structural elements and straight PVC handrail. The Varnished treads, powder-coated steel structural elements and coloured, UV-resistant PVC handrail add up to a strong, safe and durable staircase. The structural elements come in stylish and modern colours with a semi-gloss finish and a matching banister. Pick the design that matches your needs and interior style. The staircase comes complete with DOLLE top cover and DOLLE foot cover, designed to hide fixings and assemblies for a clean finish.

Comfortable staircase you can trust and enjoy

DALLAS is a strong, stable staircase. Certified compliance with the load requirements defined in European building regulations (EUROCODE) to ensure we supply only high quality, safe staircases.

DALLAS can be configured with extra vertical middle balusters. This will reduce the gap between balusters from 13.2 cm to 5.2 cm adding even greater safety and comfort. This will also be a UK building regulations requirement if you intend to use your DALLAS staircase as a main stair. Select the DALLAS configuration with 2 balusters per tread from the drop-down menu above. To enhance child safety, you can add a second banister this is ideal if you intend to install your staircase centrally rather than up against a wall. You can also install riser bars under the treads in colours to match your staircase, this will close the gap making the staircase safer and comfortable to climb. And finally, to finish your project you can add a matching landing banister to safely secure your landing space.

Will it fit? Check out the staircase dimensions

Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a staircase.

In our Dimensions you will find precise measurements of the staircase and explanation of staircase terminology.

Not sure and want to make sure everything is correct for your project? Just get in contact and we can help.

DALLAS tread

Wood is a natural product and the natural colour of the wood may vary from tread to tread. Therefore, the colour reproduction of the images may not always reflect the actual colour of the wood.


  • FSC®-certified wood
  • Stable and strong
  • Simple, understated design
  • All treads with adjustable rises
  • Easy installation


M Opening length
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N Opening width
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H Floor-to-floor height
Please select a variant
R Total going length
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R1 Total going width
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C1 Staircase width
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S Tread rise
From 19,0 to 25,0 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
G Going
15,60 cm
Product number
'Please select a variant'
'Please select a variant'
Max. floor-to-floor height
300 cm
Number of risers
Number of treads
Tread material
Beech multiplex
Tread finish
Tread width
65 cm
Tread depth
18 cm
Handrail material
Indoor use
Maximum load
Certified to a max. point load of 200 kg., The banister railing is approved for a horizontal load of 50 kg / meter., Certified to a max. total load of 465 kg.
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