Sealing strip for SW/REI45/EI45 WH/CF Pro-serie

Secures tight sealing

Sealing strip for for optimal thermal insulation for all SW and all REI45 and wall hatch EI45 plus for clickFIX® models with double tightness system like: clickFIX® 56 PRO. clickFIX® 76G, clickFIX® thermo, thermo comfort, comfort.

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Use the sealing strip for optimal thermal insulation and sealing of the installation joint! When the lid is closed, they effectively prevent the formation of condensation and thus prevent possible mold growth.


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Suited for
SW 26-3, SW 36-5, SW56-1, SW 56-3, SW 76-6, REI 45, hobby, clickFIX® thermo, clickFIX® Thermo comfort, clickFIX® comfort, clickFIX® 56 SM, clickFIX® 56 PRO, clickFIX® 56 PRO+, clickFIX® 56 MINI PRO+, clickFIX® 76G, clickFIX® 2-section, clickFIX® 76G 3-section
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0,12 kg
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