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Enter the ceiling height and your opening dimensions and let our design tool guide you through your options. Casing height can be up to 14 cm. Max. ceiling height: 286 cm.

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The DOLLE MINIFLEX loft ladder comes complete with an aluminium scissor ladder with non-slip treads. This complete solution features a 64 mm trapdoor with EPS (expanded polystyrene), giving it a low U-value of 0.77 W/m2*K. Tested as a building component. MINIFLEX is used where there is a need for a loft ladder that does not take up much space and is also suitable for small ceiling openings. A specially developed spring system provides even weight balancing, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

The casing is 14 cm high and made of spruce. The trapdoor's robust sandwich construction is 5.6 cm thick. The loft ladder has got an attractive finish with hidden hinges makes it easy to clad, paint, and varnish. The casing and trapdoor are rebated, and the casing has a sealing strip for extra tight closure. The ladder's deep treads are just one of the details that set DOLLE MINIFLEX apart from other loft ladders, the solid aluminium treads feel safe and comfortable to climb on. It can be pulled in and out with a easy pull or push and can be installed in small, tight spaces as it takes up a minimal amount of space. The treads are 7.8 cm deep and tested for a load of up to 100 kg and a U-value of 0.77 W/m²K, DOLLE MINIFLEX is suitable for all well-insulated spaces.

For a room height above 260 cm, there must be a minimum rough opening length of 80 cm. The casing width plus casing length must not exceed 240 cm. It is not possible to add extension links to the ladder. The casing height can be a maximum of 14 cm.

The difference between ceiling opening and casing dimensions?

We use the term " ceiling opening ". The term refers to the size of the opening in the ceiling where the loft ladder will be placed.

The casing dimensions are the length and width of the casing of the loft ladder.

Our loft ladders are produced 2.5 cm smaller than the hole size you order, this ensures that there is a gap for the loft ladder to be installed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service on Tel: 01376 528000.

Please note that this is a made-to-measure product and therefore cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase.


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