Loft stair ARUNDEL

Functionality meets strength and style

Upgrade your loft space with the DOLLE ARUNDEL Wooden Space Saving Staircase – where functionality meets style in perfect harmony. Suitable for a maximum floor-to-floor heights of. 2980mm. Manufactured using FSC certified wood.

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Max. floor-to-floor height
298,40 cm
Staircase width
54,40 cm
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Week 4
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Introducing the DOLLE ARUNDEL Wooden Space Saving Staircase – the ideal solution to access space in your home. Crafted with precision and designed for spaces with limitations, this wooden staircase is both aesthetically pleasing and functional and strong.

Constructed with stability in mind, the ARUNDEL staircase provides a secure access and aggress to your loft, enhancing safety with a single handrail banister. The handrail is not just a safety feature, it also ensures a comfortable, safe climbing.

This flat-packed straight flight stair kit is manufactured in spruce and boasts 12 treads, the stair kit is durable complete with mounting brackets provided making installation a breeze, securing the staircase at both the top and bottom.

Versatility is a key feature of the ARUNDEL staircase, accommodating floor-to-floor heights up to 2980mm, the staircase can also be cut to suit lower heights. The fixed stair angle at a 63° climb strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and style.

Ease of installation is paramount, and the ARUNDEL staircase lives up to this expectation by offering a hassle-free setup without the need for special tools. The treads seamlessly integrate into the strings, providing a clean and streamlined look.

Tested up to 300kg, the ARUNDEL staircase is not only elegant but also robust, ensuring longevity and reliability. For extra safety you can choose a second matching handrail.

Remember! if your floor-to-floor height is below 2980mm, you can customize by cutting down the ARUNDEL stair kit to suit your specific dimensions.


Max. floor-to-floor height
298,40 cm
Straight flight
Staircase width
54,40 cm
Staircase format
Staircase or balustrade
Staircase definition
Secondary staircase
Number of risers
Tread thickness
27 mm
Tread width
51,50 cm
Tread material
Tread finish
String thickness
26,60 mm
Type of wood
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