Loft ladder handrail for clickFIX® 3-section ladder


The handrail is screwed directly on to the ladder and ensures the safety and comfort. Suitable for DOLLE clickFIX® models with 3 section ladders. Does not fit clickFIX 36 Gold Mini (4-section ladder).

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Metal handrail suitable for DOLLE clickFIX® models (except 4 section ladders).

Create even more security when using your loft ladder with the DOLLE handrail. From a hatch width of 60 cm, these can be additionally mounted without affecting the function of the loft ladder in anyway. The handrails are easy to screw on and always provide reliable assistance when using the loft ladder to access and aggress from the loft space.

Length 78,6 cm - diameter Ø 20. Length inbetween mounting screws is 68,5 cm


  • Increased safety and comfort
  • Suitable for clickFIX®
  • Easy to mount
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