Operating pole - clickFIX® and REI45 models

Loft ladder operating pole for DOLLE clickFIX® and DOLLE REI 45 models

Loft ladder operating pole to open the DOLLE clickFIX® loft ladders and DOLLE REI45. It is 80 cm long complete with a white hook. Convenient to use also for easy access to the loft space.

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80 cm long operating pole complete with white hook to open the trapdoor of DOLLE clickFIX® and DOLLE REI45 loft ladder models. Simple to operate by entering the hook in the ring and turn! as you pull down the trapdoor, with it comes the ladder for you to unfold.

The pole is not pre-assembled but the individual parts can be assembled quickly and easily.

This gives you the option to shortened the pole if necessary.


  • Secure an easy operation of the loft ladder


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