Fire resistant loft ladder REI 45 comfort

Fire resistant loft ladder with even better comfort thanks to the steel ladder.

Fire-resistant loft ladder with steel ladder from DOLLE REI 45 comfort complies with EN 13501-2 and lives up to the highest quality standards.

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Floor-to-ceiling height
271 cm
U-value (W/m²* K)
50 mm
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3 working days
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Fire resistant loft ladder with steel ladder from DOLLE

DOLLE REI 45 comfort is our new fire-resistant loft ladder from DOLLE a comfortable and smart steel ladder. REI is the new European classification that replaces the old fire-resistant classifications.

The new European fire requirements are described from the loft ladders:

1) R (resistance) carrying capacity during fire.

2) E (integrity) ability to keep flames and gases out.

3) I (insulation) ability to keep warm out.

After the classification, the time period for which the loft ladder can withstand fire is indicated by the DOLLE REI 45 so that the fire-resistant loft ladders are fireproof for 45 minutes.

The trapdoor is insulated with 50 mm rockwool plate, which is made of non-combustible, moisture and water-repellent Rockwool stone wool. The trapdoor has a quality finish in white HDF plate with hidden hinges with a high quality lock.

Operating pole is included in this loft ladder.

Fire-resistant loft ladder with comfort and steel ladder

Focusing on comfort, DOLLE has also a fire-resistant loft ladders with an anthracite steel ladder. The ladder comes with a high quality spring system making the loft ladder extra easy to handle! just like a feather. To provide extra comfort and safety, the loft ladder is equipped with 13 cm deep anti-slip treads and with its long telescope handrail, it provides security accessing the loft space. It also has an option to fit an additional handrail to the ladder for support on both sides! The DOLLE REI comfort meets the demand for more safety, super easy handling and comfort.

All loft ladders from DOLLE are tested in accordance with EN 14975.


  • Can withstand fire for 45 minutes.
  • Complies to EN 13501-2 Approval for Fire-resistant loft ladders.
  • Easy weightless operation of the ladder
  • Patented arm system for easy and quick fitting without tools
  • Telescopic section for easy installation and height adjustment

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1 Opening size (length)
120 cm
2 Opening size (width)
70 cm
3 Floor-to-ceiling height
271 cm
4 Total going
120 cm
Product number
White - RAL 9010
Swing clearance
153 cm
U-value (W/m²* K)
Attic ladder type
Folding ladder
Ladder material
Trapdoor material
Sandwich construction
Trapdoor thickness
56 mm
50 mm
Casing material
Casing thickness
18 mm
Outside casing (length)
117,50 cm
Outside casing (width)
67,60 cm
Casing (height)
19 cm
Number of treads
Tread material
Tread thickness
30 mm
Tread depth
130 mm
String material
String thickness
20 mm
String depth
40 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
Airtight EN 12207 class 4, FSC® certified wood
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