Corner kit anthracite for PROVA 8

Corner joints for 1 m banister

When the PROVA banister needs a new angle, you will need this kit!! This PROVA corner kit consist of a package of fitting for 8 stainless steel tubes fillings and a anthracite swivel joint for handrail - they you can turn around a corner.

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Banister rails sets easy to install

The PROVA 8 banister is very flexible and easy to mount with this corner kit. It makes possible to turn around the corner to follow your deck railing, side of a staircase, a ramp or other walkway. Just be aware that the distance from a corner to the first railing post must maximum be 20 cm to secure stability and safety. Normal distance between the rail posts are 1 metre as you see on the ready-configured sets.

This corner joint set matches the colour of the rest of the banister system in swivel joint in anthracite (RAL 7016). The corner joint set fit both the banister set for floor mounting and for wall mounting.


For the assembly, you will need the tool to attach the railing sets and a 2-component epoxy resin adhesive. The handrail connector is variably adjustable from 0 ° -90 °. The 8 connector angles for the stainless-steel rods have an angle of 90 °.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Free of maintenance
  • Designed to meet your specifications
  • Key safety elements
  • High quality
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