Comfortable staircase?

A comfortable staircase is a combination of deep treads and low tread riser. The tread rise can vary typically 17-21 cm. You will see most of our staircases come with options for tread width.

Space saving staircase?

A space saving staircase is a more compact staircase and developed with a steeper pitch to occupy minimal space. Often a tread rises between 18-25 cm and a going below 18 cm.

Floor-to-floor height?

The distance between your floor below and the floor above. This measurement should be made in your home where the staircase will be installed.

Number of steps?

The number of treads on a staircase depends on the floor-to-floor height in your home. You can add treads to achieve a narrower gap for comfort or remove treads to reduce the floor space the staircase occupies.

Width of staircase?

The staircase width is the complete width of the staircase including tread, balustrade handrail. The wider the staircase the more comfortable the stair. If space is at a premium, you can choose a narrow tread to suit your needs.

Going of a staircase?

The going of the treads is measured as the horizontal distance between two treads’ leading edges. It defines the foot room when walking down the staircase, more room, more comfort, consider 19cm+.

Tread rise?

This is the measurement of the height between the treads. A comfortable rise for a staircase is between 17 to 21 cm.

Total going of staircase or footprint?

The going or footprint is the actual floor space the staircase will take up in your living space. All our staircases have technical sheet on how much space will be needed.

Factors to consider when choosing your staircase?

We design our staircases with standard dimensions, but they can also be customised to fit your space, this is one of the benefits of a modular staircases. You will see the descriptions below on who they can be installed and adapted to suit your requirements. We include comprehensive instruction guides with all our staircase and all installation videos that will show you step by steps the process to build your staircase.

Straight flight staircase

A staircase can simply run straight up and down without turning. This is called a straight flight staircase. The advantage to straight flight staircases is they have a narrow footprint as all you need to consider is the width of the stair with no turn.  They are often installed against an internal wall to the side of the room thus taking up little space. It’s important to remember although straight flight stairs are narrow, they can occupy a larger horizontal space in the room depending on the floor-to-floor height. If your room is limited on space? You could consider a staircase with either quarter turn or half-turn as this could be a better solution for you. 


Quarter turn staircase or winder staircase 

A quarter turn staircase can turn up to 90 degrees left or right and is a great solution if your room is not ideally suited to a straight flight staircase. The option to turn the staircase mean less floor space with most of our staircases you can turn at the top and the bottom. On the technical downloads section, you can view the floor dimensions so you will know exactly how much room space your staircase will take up depending on the number of treads you require.    


Half turn staircase

With a half-turn staircase you can turn your staircase 180 degrees this allows you to build a staircase that takes up minimal horizontal space. It may be that a half turn staircases could be the right solution for you if you are looking to best use the space you have for your project.

We have 4 staircases available as half-turn stairs: DUBLIN, CORK, FRANKFURT and HAMBURG, you can check out each model in our staircase assortment.


Small and compact staircase

We have a large assortment of small staircases, ideal when space is at a premium. With these staircases you can save space by reversing treads, even though the treads may look small they provide a comfortable, solid tread surface.  


Paddle stairs

If you like the idea of the our paddle steps you can check out our ROME, GRAZ,BERLIN and BASEL.  These staircases come with paddle treads that can be reversed to match your design and space.  You can also turn the staircase at the top and the bottom, just decide what best matches your specification. Our DIMENSION-file will show you how they can be installed and for more ideas on our loft staircase ideas just click here.