The loft ladder DOLLE SW56-4 with 50 mm insulation is a 3-section folding loft ladder, which requires no headroom or storage space in the attic. With this loft ladder you secure that you have no thermal bridges in casing or the trapdoor. The trapdoor with 50-mm insulation prevents loss of heat and draught and has got a nice clean finish with white-facing. The treads are non-slip treads for extra security and better comfort with our specially developed height adjustment system. The casing and trapdoor are rebated for extra tight closing with the ladder coming already assembled from our production to secure a very robust finish and an easy installation. The mounting of the loft ladder is quick and easy. 


Loft ladders for all variation of houses. Made to measure loft ladders from DOLLE is an extra service that we provide to you. The ladder is in spruce and the big advantage of this type of wood is that the ratio of weight to strength properties are very high.




Outside casing 109.5 - 157.5 × 47.6 - 97.6 cm
Opening size 112 - 160 × 50 - 100 cm
Floor-to-ceiling height 218 - 336 cm*
Casing height 19 - 80 cm**
Type 3 section
Tested u-value 0,96 W/(m2K)
Insulation 50 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS)
Maximum load 150 kg, EN 14975
Air tightness Class 4, EN 12207

* Floor-to-ceilign height above 264 cm, must the casing length be min 113 cm and floor-to-ceilign height above 288 cm, must the casing length be min 137.5 cm.

** Casing height must be from min. 37 cm in height when combined with roof access.

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