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Our modern space saving staircases offer a narrow step sequence that move into a spiral design to fit into the tightest of spaces in the home. With your imagination, you can effectively access space in your home safely and efficiently.

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    Staircase DUBAI oak white oiled
    Staircase DUBAI oak white oiled
    Max. height
    357 cm
    80 & 90 cm
    Oak, white-oiled
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Stairs and spiral staircases

We have a large assortment of staircases in all styles as straight flight staircases, L-shaped staircases (quarter turn stairs) and U-shaped staircases which we name half turn stairs. All our staircases are modular, they are flexible and can be fitted by DIY’s. Also, DOLLE spiral staircase can be mounted by yourselves because we have precise mounting video that are easy to follow. All you must do is to design your staircase or spiral staircase according to the measurements in your home – see the Guide: How to measure for a staircase.


Spiral staircase

Our spiral staircases come in a lot of variations and styles. Please have a look at our high-quality modern spiral staircases made to fit into most home styles thanks to its minimalistic and functional design. The compact spiral staircase is smart, like a sculpture in the room, space saving and safe - added to improve a home’s infrastructure. A great link to next floor developed for homeowners who want to combine modern design and comfort.


Space saving staircase ideas

Our space saving staircases are providing a discreet, versatile and stylish access to loft or mezzanine spaces. The stairs come with oak or beech treads and allow the warmth of timber wood to join contemporary designs to give access in places where space is limited. Pick your own balustrade, colours and the type of wood you want when you configurate your space saving staircase. Get a some inspiration here.


Loft stairs idea

See our wide assortment for space saving stairs for loft conversion and stairways. We have a good lot of inspiration of modular staircases and stairs for small spaces. Also, our spiral staircase to attic is developed for loft conversions. We call them space saver spiral staircase to attic.


Grey staircase

Our grey staircases are very popular staircase colour, which we have in a lot of variants with wood step variant in solid oak and solid beech.
If you are going to frequently access the loft (for example as a bedroom or home office) then you may want to consider our bigger stairs with more comfort such as Hamburg, Cork, Boston or Frankfurt. They are available with oak treads and beech treads.


What to think about regarding indoor staircase?

When choosing an interior staircase for the home, it is important to consider the need for the upcoming staircase and its function. How much space is there above the stairs (headroom). How often will you use it? How steep can it be? How wide should it be? How much space can the stairs fill at the top and bottom?

Use of staircase

Staircase to loft conversions, to bedroom or office? We have staircases that will fit. On the other hand, if it is a staircase to the 1st floor of the home, which you use several times a day, the need for comfort and quality is bigger? Here you should look at HAMBURG, alternatively PARIS or CORK which takes up less space in the room. UK building code has different requirements and specifications for primary and secondary staircases. Primary staircases have stricter requirements where secondary you may have the option of a cheaper more space-saving option. Contact us if you require more information.

Measurement for your staircase in your room

It is important that you think about how much room the stairs take up? You may want to mark with tape on the floor so that you can get a picture of how much floor space it will take up. It is not only the size of the staircase itself that must be considered when choosing a staircase. There must also be space to get in and out of the stairs. How much space is there at the foot of the stairs and how much space is there at the top – see our elaborate technical drawings and measurements (DIMENSION) under each staircase.

Tread staircase material

A staircase consists roughly of treads. Wooden treads generally feel soft and comfortable to walk on, we have both oiled and lacquered wooden treads. Often wood and surface treatment are chosen after the flooring, so that the floor and staircase match.


measuring a staircase

Measuring for a staircase

GUIDE how to measure for a DOLLE staircase. We have stairs in all sizes suitable for many specifications. See what you need to do.

Go to guide

Technical informations

Technical informations

We know the importance of correct and easy installation and we have therefore gathered a wide range of useful information for you.

See documents

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We are ready to help

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