Loft ladder SW26-5

Loft ladder SW26-5 solid and compact

Loft ladder DOLLE SW26-5 in 3 sections is ideal - if you are looking for a solid high quality timber loft ladder that easy to install and use.

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Floor-to-ceiling height
2833 mm
String material
Tread material

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Compact loft ladder, high quality loft ladder at an affordable price!!

The loft ladder DOLLE SW26-5 comes with a spruce ladder section, the advantage of this type of wood is that the ratio of weight to strength properties are very high. It's lite, but is stable and resilient making the DOLLE SW26-5 both reliable and easy to use. Complete with the ladder feet, shortening the ladder section to your specification is easy, the attachable feet offer perfectly flat ladder footing. In addition, they protect the flooring and prevent scratches.

The DOLLE SW26-5 is well suited for installation in paneling due to its dimensions and trapdoor thickness, it can be installed well behind existing wood paneling with appropriate depth. It is recommended for loft spaces that are well-developed and frequently used. The loft ladder also comes with the option of a red steel handrail and an operation pole.

Building law category: unnecessary staircase.


  • High Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Solid ladder construction
  • Airtight class 4 in accordance with DIN EN 12207
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 14975

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Product number
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Opening size (length)
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Opening size (width)
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Floor-to-ceiling height
2833 mm
Total going
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Swing clearance
1588 mm
Attic ladder type
Folding ladder
Ladder material
Trapdoor material
Sandwich construction
Trapdoor thickness
26 mm
20 mm
Casing material
Casing thickness
18 mm
Outside casing (length)
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Outside casing (width)
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Outside casing (height)
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Tread material
Tread thickness
28 mm
Tread width
358 mm
Tread depth
82 mm
String material
String thickness
21 mm
String depth
84 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
Product weight
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U-value - tested as building component by testinstitute: IFT Rosenheim

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