Handrail banister PROVA 10 Anthracite ext kit - floor

Handrail banister rail in classic look

Banister rail Easy to mount To continue your banister PROVA 10, you can extend the starter kit with this 2m extension kit. This set includes 2 post rails, 10 stainless steel fillings and additional 2m handrail.

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Handrail length
2000 mm
Pole material
Filling material
Stainless steel
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DOLLE PROVA 10 in pure anthracite – ready-configured extension banister sets for floor mounting - you can easy assemble your own banister system. This modern metal banister is suitable for floor mounting on steps, patio, decking or pedestals. The banister system is made of weather-resistant anthracite and stainless-steel filling and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The 2 metre banister and handrail can be shortened to fit your exact specifications of your patio, balcony or staircase. For the straight-end extension, connecting elements are already included in the pack but if you want to go around a corner just add a corner kit. Just be aware that the distance from a corner to a railing post is max. 20 cm to secure stability and safety. The PROVA 10 has a height of 115-120 cm (adjustable in the handrail) and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Here the PROVA will function as a safe and beautiful balustrade to secure a staircase opening. The PROVA system is simple, straightforward and easy to install and mount to whichever surface you are working with. Tip: To attach the railing posts to wood you must choose the hexagon bolts. to mount on concrete, we offer heavy-duty anchors, both options are available.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Key safety elements and high quality
  • Free of maintenance
  • Designed to meet your specifications
  • High durability even UV radiation has no influence on the PROVA banister

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Height (adjustable)
1146 - 1196 mm
Handrail diameter
40 mm
Handrail length
2000 mm
Handrail material
Pole material
Filling material
Stainless steel
Banister type
Banister set
Banister mounting
Floor mounted
Indoor/ outdoor use
Indoor use, Outdoor use

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